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Interested in advertising with Rapper's Delite Magazine? Use the email address below to contact us. Please include relevant information about your company and the intended AD placement with click destination links. We are offering slots for half-page and full page ads in the digital publication.

If you are an up and coming artist looking to sponsor an issue of Rapper's Delite with your interview, please email our artist liaison. We have rates for single page, two-page spread- including links to your video and or album.

If you are looking to have your music included in our Subscriber's Download Package, please check the Producer subscribe link for more details. If you're looking for beats and producers to work with; please check the Rappers Link.
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Up and coming artists interested in advertising

We are well familiar with the long, sometimes difficult journey of an unknown artist.
We can help you maximize the energy you are already putting into your possible career.
Send us a link to your webpage, Facebook and/or music.
Is your product professional quality?
Do you have the right attitude to succeed?
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