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The 4 Elements Meet Cutting Edge Entertainment

Rapper's Delite is a quarterly digital publication focused on the
4 elements of Hip Hop with a strong emphasis on emceeing.
Each issue delves into the inner working of the creative process,
work ethic and production of rap music. We aim to educate,
inspire and entertain with our reviews, interviews and innerviews.

Since its origin in the Bronx- nearly four decades ago, Rap music has become
an immense force, both culturally and economically.
Rapper's Delite seeks to bridge the communication
gap between emcees, producers, DJ's and breakers.

We will pick the brains of established veterans,
learn from newer artists and explore the four elements while we bring you
the cutting edge of expressive entertainment. Welcome to our family!

Owner and Editor in Chief Will Loiseau

Will Loiseau, has created a lyrical diary for the aspiring hip hop artist and rap fan.
He has applied his knowledge and experience from his involvement with sister publication
Producer's Edge magazine and applied the same dedication and enthusiasm
in creating his own brand.