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Submit tracks for inclusion in Rapper's Delite magazine More Content Subscriber package.
The inclusion price is 1.99 per track with a maximum of 3 tracks allowed per issue.
Send your best tracks to Music@RappersDelite.com. After getting approval,
you will receive an invoice and request for your bio and additional link information.

Please add tagged contact information to your music, which can be a short voiceover
at the start or end of your beat. Include your name in the filename
of your track such as "RockStarrBeats_ColdFury94bpms.mp3".
We do not sell your beats. Detail in your bio the
terms of use and whether your beats are free,
free for promotional use only, lease, direct sale etc.
We do not include any contracts or paperwork of any kind.
We do provide terms of use that state no entity may use your
music without direct contact and consent.
If you choose to use continuously running tags, mix your drops responsibly.

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If you are a subscriber of PE Mag, submit your music using
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Submit your best SONGS to RD and PE Mag!
Winning combinations of Producer and Rapper are given a review and an interview.
It's a win, win! When sending your finished songs to Songs@RappersDelite.com,
please include the contact information of both parties and the issue number the tracks were from.